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Miniature books - colibris

Miniature books, colibris, are of appx. 2.5 × 3.5 cm (1" × 1.4") size, which are usually used as original souvenirs. Inside a colibri there's a miniature picture gatefold with 24 or 48 pictures. The cover has a golden imprint of an ornament (heraldry or a logotype) with the name of the book underneath. Colibri covers are made of baladek in various colours and the front can be fastened with a strap. Colibris can be attached to a leather lace.

As the assortment of colibris widens, these miniature books are becoming a sought-for collectors' items.

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Miniature and normal-size calendars

Apart from standard calendars of larger formats or calendars made of postcards we also specialize in miniature calendars, sized merely 2.8 × 4.5 cm (1.1" × 1.8")! These calendars have no calendarium and only contain the pictures and month names, so they can be used for a number of years.

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Picture bookmarks

Picture bookmarks are a new item in our product list. They are shaped as a narrow stripe with 7 photos (animals, sceneries, towns, castles) with their description on the reverse. At the top of the bookmark there is a punched hole with a leather strap.

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Picture gatefolds

Classical picture gatefolds include thirteen photographs sized 7.5 × 10.5 cm (3" ×  4.1") with brief descriptions in Czech, English and German.

An item of special interest is a gatefold named "Zoological Gardens of the Czech Republic", which incorporates all zoo gardens of the country on 15 pictures with features and characteristics of each of them on the reverse side.

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with photos or cartoons

We specialize in boating and tourist cartoon postcards. Apart from postcards with standard format we have also published an extremely popular postcard which, image-wise, joins all Czech zoo gardens. Besides that we also publish standard postcards of cities, towns and townships all around the Czech Republic, postcards of the Sumava mountain range, zoological gardens, comprehensive collections of postcards of neigbouring townships etc.

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Photomagnets, sized min. 8,5 × 6,5 cm have a colour or b/w photo printed on the front side. The photo is graphically framed and accompanied by a caption indicating the given place.

The back side of the photomagnet is made of magnetic foil.

The author of the photographs is Petr Šebek. We can also make photomagnets from your custom photos.

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The price per piece is 25,– CZK (incl. VAT)

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